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Packages and Specials

Each Therapist manages her own business.

Consequently the services included in

your package or gift certificate are

not transferable between Therapists.

  Our Daily Special - Buy 5 get 1 Free!!

6 One Hour Massages : $350.00

6 Half Hour Massages : $200.00

  6 Twenty Minute Massages : $150.00

The Spa Package - $110

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A One Hour Swedish Massage immediately followed by a 30 minute Refresh Facial just might be your cup of tea!  Take time out of your busy schedule to take care of You. To book your appointment - click on the cup!

The December Package - 7 Massages for the Price of 5
Each December Pam Abbott and Kelley Locke bump up their Daily Special (buy 5, get 1 free) to include an extra Massage. Take advantage of this once a year opportunity to ensure your own appointments for the coming year. (Clients have also used a few of the Massages in the package as gift certificates for family and friends. 
The February Special - $65.00

This 60 minute massage to commemorate St. Valentine's day may be booked as a solo indulgence or as a side-by-side session to celebrate a meaningful relationsip with that someone special. 

The May Special - $65.00
Our Mother's Day Special is the perfect way to show our respect for the women who have had the most influnce on us and our children. This 60 minute Swedish Massage is an indulgence that many women do not make time for as they care for their loved ones, and work outside the home while still celebrating and creating memorable experiences for others.  Celebrate Mother's Day - give her the gift of time unstructured and a stress free hour with no responsibilities.
The June Special - $130.00
This side-by-side massage is a great way to introduce someone special to the benefits of massage. Show a little respect for the gentlemen who have had such a significant impact on your own life as well as your children's. At $10 off, you can't go wrong.